viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

St Valentine´s Day

St. Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated throughout the world on February 14.

In America, Valentine's Day is primarily celebrated as a romantic holiday. To celebrate, couples will often go out on a date at a fancy or romantic restaurant. It is very typical for the man to buy flowers, a card, or a piece of jewelry for his wife or girlfriend, but not all relationships follow these guidelines. The sale of flowers (mostly roses) and the sale of chocolate increase dramatically around Valentine's Day. In many restaurants, it may be difficult getting a reservation as it is expected for most couples to eat there on that day.  
In schools, many children buy candy and Valentines for one another. Valentines are little cards that have a saying or a poem on them which expresses their feelings toward one another. Sometimes these are made at home, but most often they are bought in the store and many feature various  characters from television and movies or pictures of celebrities on them. A favored candy among school children is called Candy Hearts, which are little chewable candies that feature romantic sayings on them such as "Be Mine."

Depending on what you think, Valentine's Day in the United States can either be a day to celebrate the love you have with your partner or significant other, or else it is an overly commercialized day for spending a lot of money on chocolate, jewelry, and flowers. But with that said, it is a very popular holiday and people enjoy celebrating it every year.
Jason Lee Schaefer

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